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Unexpected person

in the bagging area

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 10-Jun-2019 16:49 Message #4741578
Thanks HoW, I thought so, as did a few others.
My thanks to those who stayed with that topic.

It is a pity when petty little spats spoil a thread but such is life.
Witheflow  Male  North Yorkshire 11-Jun-2019 10:58 Message #4741611
"But what is your definition of "false conciousness (sic)" as your opinion of my, my beliefs and principles are way off target. SQL"

While you were so worried Socialism would take your freedoms. Conservatism stole your pension, took your savings, sent your jobs overseas, robbed you of health care, dismantled the educational system, sold all your public utilities – water, electricity, gas and others – to foreign firms and put you in debt, leaving you only your racism, xenophobia, hate, & knife crime. The likes of you SQL, gloat to the point of climax over profit. Now that explains false conciousness perfectly.

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