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Never known a night like it?

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Beach  Male  Somerset 7-Feb-2019 00:54 Message #4734682
Had just climbed the wooden hill to bed, visited the bathroom and heard a series of WHOOOSHES surging back and forth outside the bathroom window at a pressure and speed I don't think I have ever witnessed before. (Goodness knows what will be blowing around down the garden tonight).

I'm too tired to even click on a weather report but I'm guessing we've got some serious gales coming … at least by the sound of what I've just witnessed.

East beach, (where they film Broadchurch), is an utterly breathtaking place from which to observe such acts of nature and I now have a determination to ebike down there in the morning, just to see the heaving seas for myself.

Let me know if this "surge" reaches you up North, won't you?

Night all. x
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Feb-2019 06:32 Message #4734686
There was a few gale winds here in Buckinghamshire but nothing like yours as i do not live by the sea which is alwayd worse. I was hoping my fence was not going to come down. When i put my bins out
this morning everything was intact. So thank god for that ha ha

You must live in a very picturesque place. You are so lucky lol
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Feb-2019 07:14 Message #4734687
Terrible night up here in the chilterns, all sorts of stuff blown around and the dog barked most of the night. I feel like I havent been to sleep.

V x
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 7-Feb-2019 07:52 Message #4734691
Nothing much heard here. Although I guess it depends on the directional orientation of your property.
But must be blowing hard nearby, as the QE2 Bridge at the Dartford Crossing, for the M25 clockwise, is closed because of the high winds.
Phew! glad I chose to go across The Channel next week rather than today, as I'd imagine the ferry crossing would've been very interesting !!!
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 7-Feb-2019 10:14 Message #4734697
Have a weather warning here again, for today and again mid day tomorrow till 6 pm on Saturday. Always concerned with flooding at high tide but thank goodness no Spring tide or surges expected...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Feb-2019 11:20 Message #4734701
Not to bad here, but sticking out into the Irish sea we do get quite a lot of fierce weather, there have been several times when I've wondered if we're going to have to throw an old fishing net with rocks round the edges over the roof to keep it on.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 7-Feb-2019 19:08 Message #4734744
I noticed that it was pretty windy in the night when I made a trip to the bathroom. I must have missed most of it though, as I slept like a log. last few weeks, my head touches the pillow around 9.30 and I am out for the count for the next 10 hours.
Beach  Male  Somerset 7-Feb-2019 23:55 Message #4734793
Ah. Thanks. It wasn't just down here then.

My neighbour, Bob, tells me we have more gales coming.

Time to go up the wooden hill.

BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 8-Feb-2019 05:29 Message #4734794
I'm in bed already hehe
Beach  Male  Somerset 8-Feb-2019 08:32 Message #4734798
You're beginning to scare me now, BunnyGirl.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 8-Feb-2019 08:49 Message #4734799
Oh sorry when i wrote it i realized how it must have sounded. Only meant nothing untoward.
I feel awful as messages can be misconstroud.
Ignore it as i only meant nothing really.
it is like a girlfriend saying they went to bed late and i replied i was in bed already.
Please do not take in the wrong way.

I tell you my stomach is playing havoc coz it was a innocent comment.

Will not come on these threads anymore .

Please please please do not read anything bad in it. Wish i could erase it.
happywalker  Female  Dorset 8-Feb-2019 09:40 Message #4734803
Had nothing more than a gentle breeze here in Bournemouth all week. Interestingly, I was in Dorchester yesterday and it was very cold and windy - got back to Bournemouth to find it a lot warmer with some winter sun and no wind.
Think your part of Dorset gets more wind generally as we often camp right near cliff top at Eype and that can be very atmospheric when the wind blows and we can also hear the rough seas below.
Beach  Male  Somerset 8-Feb-2019 09:49 Message #4734807
Relax, Bunny. Don't take so much to heart.

You should take this internet communication with a pinch of salt.

No harm done. :-)
Beach  Male  Somerset 8-Feb-2019 09:56 Message #4734808
Great to know you know and stay at Eype, Happywalker.

The view from the seat atop Thorncombe Beacon, with the whole vista of Lyme Bay ahead, the arcing curve of Chesil Beach running for 17 miles to the east and the whole of our ancient West Dorset countryside behind is the most important and special place in my world.

It is where my ashes will be scattered too. :-)

Yep. The wind is picking up again here and yes, the ocean has a lot to do with the very local, (sometimes weird), pockets of weather than materialise quite suddenly on this coast from time to time.

happywalker  Female  Dorset 8-Feb-2019 12:46 Message #4734824
We know Eype and the surrounding area very well, Beach. We’ve made some fantastic memories in that part of the world - simple things, but that is the sort of people we are. I remember my partner buying the biggest two John Dory fish at Lyme Regis that I’ve ever seen and we cooked them on a bbq at Eype campsite on a glorious summer’s evening last year. We were right on the clifftop looking towards Thorncombe beacon with a beautiful sunset just to our right. We then clamboured down the cliff to Eype beach for a swim in the sea. I guess not exciting enough for most people, but it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

We’ve walked that part of the coast path many times - a favourite of ours is to walk from the campsite over to a farm near Eype woods which has a lovely cafe with very good food before heading up Thorncombe Beacon and as far west as takes our fancy. I’ll put some photos on here when I’ve got more time.

By the way, I reckon your ashes could end up in Bmth if they’re scattered on windy Thorncombe Beacon ??
Beach  Male  Somerset 9-Feb-2019 18:24 Message #4734909
When the time came, (hopefully not just yet), I'd like to be scattered atop that 3000 - 4000 yr old ancient burial mound, (tumulus), that, set against a Thorncombe Beacon sunset, looks out and overseas the whole spectacular landscape, to have a view of the ocean and the arc of the whole length of Chesil beach in my gaze … for eternity.
Beach  Male  Somerset 9-Feb-2019 18:26 Message #4734910
On a more sobering note;

3 die as storm Eric gales hit the South of England

A man in Devon and another in Wales died on Friday as a result of gales felling trees … with one tree falling on a vehicle near the Dartbridge Inn, presumably near Buckfastleigh, and the other tree falling across a road between Pontyberem and Llannon, causing a vehicle to collide with it.

Another man, a kitesurfer, also died off the North Devon coast this morning after “getting into difficulty amid strong winds” following an incident on the beach at Saunton Sands near Barnstable.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 9-Feb-2019 19:32 Message #4734918
I hadnt realised you were so close to Eype, Beachy. I used to know it very well, having stayed at the Eypes Mouth hotel many times during the 70/s 80's and also the Haddon House Hotel at West Bay . I have many happy memories of the Eypes Mouth beach I even swam naked there when the fog came in. It was a silly thing to do as we couldnt tell which way ahead the beach was. My (then) husband & I talked of retiring to Bridport when we got old - but it wasnt to be, as he died young. We also made frequent visits to Abbottsbury Gardens & the Swannery and of course the Moonfleet. I remember the Chesil Beach being hauntingly beautiful some late evenings, but quite evil in a storm. I loved the little market in Bridport. I am quite envious and this has brought back some memories, especially of the very plump landlady at the Eypes Mouth hotel - she was so jolly yet you had to obey her rules at the time.

v x
Beach  Male  Somerset 9-Feb-2019 20:08 Message #4734924
Ha ha.

OF COURSE I am close to Eype Beach, V. It's character and utterly unique charm actually flows through my veins and the cliff just above it, Thorncombe Beacon is my church, my haven, my sanctuary and the most important place in the world to me, health wise and for spiritual wellbeing, simply by fact that the vantage point gained in climbing it delivers some omnipotent feeling of being right at the top of the world, such is the beauty and natural majesty that it delivers.

Perhaps … in recalling your memories of Bridport and its surroundings, the penny will drop and you'll begin to see and understand just why I think, write and express myself the way I do! :-)

There is NOWHERE across this whole planet Earth quite like Bridport and its environs. It's quirky, idiosyncratic character, it's ancient pagan festivals, it's bohemian musical demeanor and it's eccentric little band of local townsfolk all get thrown into a top hat and shook about with all the other amazing, zany and/or ridiculous things that this little market town is known for.

West Bay Day. The Trawler Boat Race. The Bridport Carnival. The Torchlight procession. Melplash Show. Symene (Symondsbury) Fete, Dancing the Maypole. The Wessex Morris Men. The Electric Palace, (close to me), where I can cross the road, enter the theatre and see, just about, EVERY (still living) UK rock star, rock band, celebrity writer/author or personality that has graced our screens, theatres or our outdoor gigs from the last 40 years.

Reggie Perrin was filmed here. Harbour Lights was filmed here. Broadchurch is filmed here … and we have all kinds of interesting, successful or extremely well known folk living here … though they'll never get bothered for autographs, selfies or whatever. (A member of, probably, the biggest rock band on earth meandered down my passageway a while back … because he had problems with the PC that serves his electric train set up!!!)

And yes … Eypes Mouth Hotel. Did you used to go down in the basement bar when a member of the Rolling Stones was in residence performing? :-)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my dinky little town. :-) x
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 9-Feb-2019 20:58 Message #4734928
Hi Beach,
Do you get any other famous people in your passageway?
Beach  Male  Somerset 9-Feb-2019 21:26 Message #4734930
Hi NH,

"Do you get any other famous people in your passageway?"

Yeah. The likes of Frankie Howard, Sid James, Terry Scott. You know. The kind of uninspiring 1970’s comedians you probably hold up as role models with your particular immature, back of the bike sheds, humour.

Thanks for asking.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 9-Feb-2019 21:56 Message #4734931
I hope that was a while ago Beach, or do you have ghosts?
Comedy was different back in their days, but they were still successful at what they did.
Think I might just have seen your passage, do you have wall bolts?
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 9-Feb-2019 21:58 Message #4734932
PS I mean on the internet, I am not actually in Dorset.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 10-Feb-2019 19:01 Message #4734997
Beachy, thank you for your detailed descrtption of life down there in Eype. Yes, it does explain a few things (nicely) and I am in awe of your life there and its certainly revived a lot of memories for me. Especially the basement bar at the Eypes Mouth Hotel . No Rolling stones, but several other groups which I enjoyed but cant remember names. It was always packed with people in there & the food was great. I am going to search out some old photos now. We also used to go down to where the fishermen came in at West Bay, they had huge copper boilers outside their fishing huts where they cooked the crabs and lobsters straight off their boats. They told us some scary tales too. We bought large insulated boxes in which we brought lots home for our freezer, We were also at staying West Bay when a huge lump pf the cliff fell into the sea.

You are right, Bridport and surrounding area have a special magic which I havent felt anywhere else in the world. I think its called peace and contentment.
Beach  Male  Somerset 10-Feb-2019 20:34 Message #4735001
The cliffs continue to fall, V.

I have some scary photos where I jumped down onto a grassy, green, plateau of cliff to be able to look back up and photograph the edge of the top of Thorncombe Beacon, capturing photos of some sheep right on the edges of the cliff … and I got some amazing shots but when I walked back up the Beacon a fortnight later planning to revisit that same location, I saw that the whole 100m wide section I had jumped down onto had plunged a couple of hundred feet down the side of the cliff face.

A young teacher got killed under the cliffs at East beach a couple of years ago as well when a similar event occurred.

And considering this is a weather related thread, :-), I'd add that heavy rain is always a killer along these coasts, often bringing down parts of the cliffs.

Regarding Eype, Bridport, West Bay and peace and contentment

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since but, in my previous life I was extremely successful in the world of innovation with my patents and products beating 200+ exhibitors from 25 countries around the world to take local/regional awards and accolades, gold awards and International Engineering and Inventor of the Year titles two years in a row … except that very success contributed to destroying my 20 year love story of a marriage.

As Chairman, I had the luxury Lexus limo, a couple of boats bobbing about in the harbour and was the guy wheeled out to give talks at universities or dish out student awards … along with doing tv, radio and magazine related stuff.

The marriage breakdown, however, brought life back into perspective and I ended up having one of those life changing epiphanies that made me appreciate there is far more to this precious life than material objects and chattels.

To cut a long story short, (a story I played out in original posts on Midsummer for several years), I totally re-evaluated my life and decided, from then on, that I would pursue things I held a passion for rather than stay on the exciting, though stressy, route I was on.

These days? I keep life simple! (Don’t even drive a car any more).

I live or die by the trade that walks past my door, potter about in the garden till a customer wanders in and explore, photograph, metal detect, fly my drones, etc all courtesy of a stable of electric bikes – with each particular ebike suited to the task I expect it to perform. (Off road, beach, town, hill climbing or shopping versions),

And living here? Well … What do I actually need aside from a full fridge, good health and this amazing corner of paradise to explore?

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