Social dating

Perhaps you've noticed but online dating suddenly doesn't seem like the rather solitary excercise it once was.

No more solitary dating

If you were dating online back in say 2002, on a typical online dating site you'd be faced with a wall of thousands of faces staring back at you and you'd have to somehow build an individual relationship with those that caught your fancy. But who could you trust? It wasn't long before you wised up to the fact that not everybody is playing the same dating game. Many of those guys out there were simply players, while often women were too wary and untrusting to form a relationship with.

Social dating girls
Social dating is here and it's a lot more fun!

Well those days are beginning to be numbered, because in today's social world, social dating is the coming thing. Social dating means a community of single people who are prepared to build friendships online as well as concentrate on just dating. Because it's easier to build trust with somebody who has been introduced to you by a trusted friend.

Social dating is more fun!

Of course the other reason we do social dating is because it's so much more FUN than traditional online dating or those rather old-fashioned dating agencies that you might remember from the 70's.

With social dating sites, you would expect to find features that allow you to build friendships with people of both sexes, not just your "target" sex. This is encouraged and doesn't mean you've changed your sexuality!

Features would include online dating forums, the ability to link to other members with friendship links, online dating chat, and the ability to vote for other members as trustworthy. The more known you become in the social dating community, the easier it is to find a date, because you will have the immediate trust of other members. It's much more like reality where we tend to meet potential dates through friends.

Social dating is here

At Midsummer's Eve you'll be pleased to know we're adopting the social dating philosophy - because it has proved so successful. You'll find our new "add to friends" feature handy to express friendship for other members, and also to see who is friends with who, and is most established in our dating community. This will allow you to see who has the trust of other members, enabling you to make better decisions on who to contact (and indeed who to avoid).

If you have any more suggestions on how we should pursue the social dating philosophy, why not contact us?

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