The profile doctors

No sooner is a niche business opportunity spotted than somebody rushes in. A problem with online dating is the low quality of the "profiles" - the descriptions that users write of themselves hoping to attract potential soulmates. Online daters frequently let themselves down with their written ads, with poor spelling, bad grammar, cliched phrases and terrible jokes.

Sure, not everybody's key skill is writing so, along come the Profile Doctors with their First Aid box of dating advice. They aim to help singles to craft their profiles in such a way as to maximise the selling power of the written profile. Several such services have come to my attention recently, based in the US currently, but operating in the UK as well in some cases.

At you get a personal ad makeover, which consists of a professional ad reviewer giving instructions and suggestions on improving your ad for maximum impact. How to make your ad stand out amongst the millions of others out there, and even how to do better on dates. All for just $28 - pretty good value!

Another company marketing themselves in the UK are They'll give your profile the once over for free (I submitted mine - let's see what happens) and then review your existing profile or help you create a masterpiece from scratch (starting at $29.95)! What's more, dating advice is on offer here and photo tips are available too for just $7.95. A mere £4.13 in ye olde English pounds! Not bad!

Then we have who offer telephone-based consultations, and will construct a 200 word essay that "paints a clear picture of who you are and why you're different than everyone else". They'll recommend a website to join, help you with searching, advise on writing first emails, and help you get it right as you work your way down the rocky road to love. All just a premium rate phone call away!

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