Online dating for older people

Judging from the image projected by most online dating sites, you would be forgiven for believing that online dating is only for the under 30s crowd. Why is it that so many online dating sites appear to reject what is perhaps their biggest market - the older generation (40s upwards)?

Perhaps that demographic isn't seen as cool or hip to use the web. WRONG. Perhaps they think that only young people have trouble meeting friends or dates. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Older couple dating
Online dating is not just
for the young crowd
You have to suppress a laugh when a new dating site comes out that's ultra-hip cool and trendy, because we know that in fact the 18-30 demographic are the least likely of all to need the service. Why? Because students and young people are already surrounded by friends, through whom most relationships originate.

However, in the older age groups it's a different story. Divorce, bereavement, and relocation are just three ways in which people can become extremely isolated. That's why, when presented with a non-patronising, non-judgemental, realistic web site, aimed at them, they will flock to it in droves.

Some thoughts - older people aren't interested in technological bells and whistles but they are interested in integrity, safety and the genuineness of other members. They are totally turned off by spam and fake profiles. They are attracted by simplicity and ease of use. They appreciate help and support, and can instantly detect if a site has been designed with them in mind.

Strangely there aren't that many sites about that are designed specifically for this demographic. I think it's a wasted opportunity.

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