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What are Helpers?

Helpers are a small group of super-friendly people who have volunteered to help the Conversations area of Midsummer's Eve run more quickly and more smoothly.

Who they are?

Helpers are people of good judgement, with a lot of experience in using the site. They enjoy helping others, especially new members. They are regular site users who know how the site works. They are cool-headed people who can smooth over situations if necessary. They can take an objective view and are able to separate their own views from the job of helping others.

What do Helpers do?

The main tasks Helpers carry out are:

  • move Conversations threads if they have been started in the wrong forum
  • lock Conversations threads if they feel they are generating more heat than light
  • help keep Conversations on-topic by joining in with assistance
  • remove spam

Do Helpers have access to my private information?

No. Helpers have no more access to any information than other members do. Our privacy policy will give you all the details over who has access to your private data.

How do I know who is a Helper and who is not?

Helpers are identified by this icon Helper icon next to their screen name in the Conversations area. There is also a list of Helpers at the top of each forum.

Help for Helpers

The rest of this page is written for the benefit of the Helpers themselves but non-Helpers are free to read it as it could be useful if you wish to know more about the role of Helpers.

Moving threads

An important role is helping make sure threads are placed in the best possible forum. This will reduce the load on heavily-trafficked forums. More importantly, it will help members find the kinds of threads they are looking for, and help them to avoid the kind of threads they don't like.

To move a thread, click the "Move thread" hyperlink on the thread page (it is near top-right). Then follow the instructions on-screen.

Locking threads

To lock a thread, click the "Lock thread" hyperlink on the thread page (near top-right). Then follow the instructions to confirm the lock.

Respecting the forum charter

Each forum has a brief outline of what its purpose is, and how it is different from the others, at the top of the page. It's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the forum charter when you are making Helper decisions. For example some forums may ask posts to be on-topic, whereas others may not.

Encouraging the discussions

You can help keep conversations on-topic (in the forums where this is expected) with a few words of encouragement. If you can see a thread is getting a bit personal, you can prevent any further problems with a few kind words.

Removing messages

In exceptional circumstances, you may need to remove messages. The reasons are: unfriendliness, bullying/sarcasm, breach of confidentiality/privacy, or spam. You can read the full guidelines. To remove the message, click the "Remove message" link underneath the message. Feel free to contact the helpdesk for advice at any time.

Site admin can see which messages you've removed. They will keep an eye on what the Helpers are doing and may offer advice if necessary. You will be supported in your decision making at all times.

When you are no longer able to be a Helper

If any time, for any reason, you wish to cease being a Helper, please just contact site admin and we will arrange this. Your help is appreciated and we hope you get something out of being a site Helper too.