New friends online become new friends in real life

Sometimes finding friendship isn't as easy as it sounds. Friendship is something that we tend to take for granted. When we were at school we had plenty of friends around us, and then if we moved on to college making friends was as easy as getting to lectures.

So what happened? How did you end up with far fewer friendships than in your younger years? The answer is different for everybody but it probably involves moving house, moving to a new town for work, divorce, or perhaps bereavement. Maybe a mixture of a few of those. Whatever it was suddenly you find friendship is just a little thinner on the ground than you are used to.

You can find new friends on the Internet

Fortunately all is not lost because the Internet is a fantastic place on which to find friendship. And I don't mean virtual cyber friends in other countries, I mean real local friends in your area. Find it difficult or impossible to meet your neighbours? Funnily enough so do they! That's why here at Midsummer's Eve we're geared towards linking people who live in the same area. What's the point in forming friendships with people halfway round the world? It's much better to meet people from your local town.

Maybe you're looking for a romantic relationship but can't stand the thought of online dating? We can help with that too. Most relationships are formed through "a friend of a friend". Perhaps a work colleague will introduce you to somebody. Maybe somebody you know has a friend who'd be just right for you. If you embrace this idea then Midsummer's Eve is perfect for you because although many of our members are looking for dating and romantic relationships, they aren't prepared to go for the isolated, alienating approach that most online dating sites offer. Instead they want to meet real people - people who are prepared to reveal a little of their true selves online.

Whatever kind of friendship it is you're looking for, Midsummer's Eve is a great place to start. Why not join us now? It's free to join, you can send and receive messages for free, and we also offer free real-life meetups all across the country.

Friendship comes to those who look for it

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