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There's no better feeling than finding a great date in UK. For starters, we have the most romantic landscape in the world - it's not surprising that the great romantic poets and novelists like Hardy, Austen, Yeats, Keats and others came from the UK and celebrated it in literature.

What's more we have the best places to go out on dates in the whole world. What could be more sumptious that a day trip to Bath - or Harrogate in the north with it's wonderful Georgian archicture. Edinburgh in Scoltand also has the most wonderful buildings all crowned by the spectacular castle.

How come the Italians and French have the reputation for the being the best lovers? Nonsense, we say the Brits have it. You can't be a country that produces the best love films ever (Notting Hill, Love Actually, Brief Encounter) and not have something to say about love.

And if music be the food of love - play on (by the way I forgot to mention Shakespeare's sonnets - the greatest love poetry ever written in the English language). The musical accomplishments of the UK are second to none and that's why we have the greatest writers of the greatest love songs - from Lennon/McCartney to Elton to Gary Barlow.

Not only are we obsessed with love we're ready to go out and get it too. That's why there are so many sites online where you can date in UK. Midsummer's Eve have a special claim to fame - we were one of the first ever online dating sites to offer free dating. Back in 1999 we started and we haven't stopped brining people together ever since. We've countless tales of attraction, spark, chemistry and fireworks to look back on. And we blush to mention the number of children Midsummer's Eve has helped to bring into the world!

All in all you couldn't find a better way to date in UK than Midsummer's Eve. As we're completetly without charge to join and use, there's no reason at all to hang about! Don't wait - simply log in today and get chatting to someone who could be your true love.

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